The Illyaruriae are an aquatic species hailing from the next closet inhabited system to Desurian. Their home world is a mid-sized [think Neptune] ball of brine completely devoid of any landmass. (Indeed, the evolutionary feat of building ships and heading into space without a proverbial stepping stone has been the study of a few of the more eclectic, adventuresome xenopologists in the Coruscant Universities).

They are eel-like creatures six to ten feet long, ranging in color from albino to cobalt, with every possible combination of patterns and colors in between. They have rows of oar-like appendages along their sides serving as their manipulator-analogs, which strangely can vary in number among individuals. It is possible a larger number of arms is a sign of virility and machismo in males.

They seem to be the most organized of the three competing species, and are certainly the easiest for outsiders to deal with, so Illyaruriae zones of control are the most popular zones of control for visiting outworlders.

Dealing with them has its downside. Being an aquatic species, the Illyaruriae habitats are filled with sea water, though at a temperature and visibility that is comfortable for most humanoids. Entrepreneurial Illyaruriae have set up dry habitats for terrarian species that are available for use at an exorbitant tax rate in most of their zones of control.

Illyaruriae can function on dry land via brine-filled environment suits. This makes them highly vulnerable in combat situations with terrarians, which they tend to avoid. Conversely, any terrarian is advised to avoid any sort of conflict with an Illyarurian in its home aquatic environment.


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