The Cedu are a crustaceous species, apparently evolved in an asteroid field, though their home system is unknown, and they are rarely seen outside of Desariun. Their phenotype is a chitinous disk
four to six feet across, surrounded by twelve limbs that acts as analogs to hands or feet, apparently indiscriminately among the limbs. The top of the disks have six eye stalks. Mouths and waste evacuation orifices are on the bottom of the disks.

The Cedu appear to be adapted to survival in hard vacuum, and can survive without any environment suit for weeks at a time in the open. As such, they make extremely formidable scavengers, and deadly opponents in hard vacuum. Do not engage them in melee combat.

Their habitats are warrens of hollowed out tunnels that can be fitted for human habitation. Their natural warrens are filled with a mucousy foam they excrete whose function is unknown, though xenopologists report that the temperature is comfortable for humans, and the foam can be used for nourishment in an emergency. The taste is highly distinctive but not unpleasant.

Sadly for the Cedu, the Illyaruriae consider them extremely delicious, and would eat any prisoners of common skirmishes while their Cedu compatriots watched on in horror as they awaited their turn for consumption. This practice is now strictly forbidden under the new truce (and was the primary grievance of the Cedu), though it is still rumored to occur in remote unpoliced zones.

For this reason, though the Illyaruriae are indifferent to the Cedu, or consider them no better than talking animals or pets, the Cedu have a deep rooted hatred for the Illyaruriae and will gladly puncture any habitat and environment suit they can get their claws into if the occasion arises.


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